This blog is about my projects. I have quite a few going on but since I’m still in university I don’t always have a lot of time to work on them.

What led me here

My interest in technology and electronics has been there as long as I can remember, but it really got a kickstart when I got involved with Revspace, a local hackerspace, in the summer of 2015. I had accidentally demolished the charging connector of my phone trying to open the phone to see what was inside, and as a result I had been charging my phone battery using my old phone all summer; I had cut a chunk out of the old phone to fit the battery of my new phone. At some point, I got tired of having to do this every night and I reached out to someone whose Knutselblog (“Tinkerblog”) I read, he often repaired historically or otherwise significant devices at the time and wrote about it. He invited me to come to Revspace some time and we could take a look at the problem. So, on a sunny monday afternoon I biked to the space (which was 20km away)… and the rest is history. At first, coming there was so epic to me that I had to come back twice before actually getting to fixing my phone. The knocked-up sound and light effects at the entrance, the unending amount of interesting stuff that could be found everywhere, the projects that other people were working on, the knowledge density on all sorts of topics, the availability of good tools, etc etc.

When I did my (compulsory for school) apprenticeship there and later when I became a participant, I was taught a lot of things, from practical stuff like cleaning to good safety practices for working on electronics, to actually working on and with electronics, and working with all kinds of tools and even more important, people. Even today I still learn things there, although now I have more knowledge and experience to give back of. :)

3 years later, when I had to pick the education I wanted to follow, I skipped all the quizzes, orientation programmes and other school-arranged things, and I enrolled in Electrical Engineering at Delft University of Technology.

I am now in my second year and I have learned a lot looking back at my first year in university. You can read more about that in my first post.

This blog is the materialization of me wanting to do more. I want to complete projects I start, I want to do something with the ideas I have. Writing about it is, as I see it, a clear sign of commitment to myself and, if I ever have those, my readers. ;)

This will, I think and hope, drive me forward.


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